Reclusive singer/rapper Lauryn Hill will make one of very few public appearances July 15 headlining the Stockholm Jazz Festival. Hill, along with fellow soul singer Erykah Badu, will hit the stage for the five-day event. The festival appearance is a part of Hill's small 10-stop European tour. This will be the second time she's performed at the event, now in its 26th year. She will also hit up Switzerland's Montreux Jazz Festival on July 11.

Although Hill hasn't released an album since 2002, the New Jersey native has come out of seclusion for spot performances in the past five years. Following a now defunct reconciliation album and tour with her former Fugees group members, fans became skeptical of Hill's well-being after a bizarre performance in New York two years ago. Hill appeared with a short afro, clown-like makeup on her face, and wore several layers of clothes despite the hot summer weather.

Wyclef Jean stated his concerns about her in a interview where he said that she was losing her mind. "I felt sorry for her because I think she needs psychiatric help. I feel like she's bipolar. You can't get angry with someone who's sick." Jean also said that he unsuccessfully attempted to convince Hills' mother to get the singer medical attention.

Hill became one of the music industry's most popular artists with the 1998 release of 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,' for which she won five Grammy awards. The album sold eight million copies in the U.S. plus six million copies overseas. These days Hill spends most of her time being a mother to her five children.