We almost lost a hip-hop pioneer this week. Veteran rapper Kurtis Blow suffered a heart attack last Saturday (Oct. 29) at a bus stop in Los Angeles.

According to ABC7.com, Blow, whose real name is Kurtis Walker, was arguing with his son when police intervened after getting an initial robbery call. As cops was talking to the pair, Kurtis Blow collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Police officers Peter Parra, Calvin Hill, Chris Vege and Felix Rodriguez quickly performed CPR and kept Blow's head elevated while they wait for the medics to arrive. “We didn’t think about it; we just acted. I swept his airway for obstructions, and Officer Hill started chest compressions,” recalls Vege.

The 57-year-old rapper was eventually rushed to West Hills Hospital where he's recovering today (Nov. 5).

The officers are now hailed as heroes for saving Blow's life. "Officers do not hesitate. They do not judge on what color you are, what religion you are, male, female. We're doing to jump in no matter what to help someone in need," said Vege. Hill added that they do not need recognition, they were just "protecting and serving."

Although we don't have any further information regarding Blow's current condition, he appears to be in good spirits. The New York native also expressed his deep gratitude to the police for saving his life.

“I died and those officers saved my life,” he said (via a press release). “The police saved my life, a Black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that.”

We are glad that Kurtis Blow is alive and well. We want to wish him a speedy recovery.

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