Hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow was busted for marijuana possession at LAX Thursday (Dec. 2). According to TMZ, the weed was uncovered when the rapper went through a TSA body scanner. Law enforcement officials told the website that the scan noticed "an anomaly" in his pants pocket, which turned out to be the substance. Because the amount of marijuana was under an ounce, he was subsequently ticketed for the offense, and sent on his way.

Since its inclusion into the airport screening system earlier this year, the TSA body scanners, have been met with public scrutiny. The machines can see through passengers' clothing, a move felt to be invasive by some travelers. "Our goal must be to maximize protection and security and minimize inconvenience and invasiveness," said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, in defense of the scanners. "It's not an easy task."

Noted as one of the pioneers of hip-hop, Blow helped usher the new genre of music into the mainstream with the release of his 1980 single, 'The Breaks.' In 2009, the 51-year-old became an ordained minister and is the founder of the Hip-Hop Church located in New York City, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary.

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