Though she maintained a staunch poker face throughout her "beef" with decidedly more imposing figure Rick Ross, an emotional video of White Girl Mob rapper Kreayshawn has just hit the 'net, in which the visibly upset rapper complains over an apparent snub by 'I'm Gay' rhymer Lil B.

According to YouTube uploader DiverseLA, the video was first recorded on April 22, 2011, several weeks before Kreayshawn's video for 'Gucci Gucci' was uploaded to the 'net, where it quickly became a viral sensation, and resulted in her signing with Columbia Records.

"I want to say that I don't feel like I've been treated nicely. I've been shot down, I've been ignored," Kreayshawn explains in the video. "I'm mad because this s--- really hurts me as a person. For Lil B to ignore me in my face? Come on man. I did your first based music videos. I really supported him when he was doing his 'Rain in England' s---, I was just like telling him this s--- is gonna be good."

She went on to explain that her career thus far has been more about giving a helping hand than receiving one in return. "People don't want to hear that and they just leave me in the dust," she said. "And that's exactly how I feel. I feel like I've gone out of my way to help people, and tryin' to get all of my sisters on and s--- like that. I feel like I've been working harder for other people than I do for myself, and it shouldn't be like that."

Kreayshawn continues to detail her relationship with the Based God, whom she shot several music videos for, and claims to have had a close personal relationship with.

"I really defended this fool in the hood. And I be in the hood, you feel me, and these people don't be f---in' with him," she continued. "F--- all that s---, talkin' about you based and positive dogg, you ain't none of that s---, because you ain't never say s--- to me when I try and reach out to you every motherf---in' day."

While it is not clear as to whether the snubbed artist and her former friend ever reconciled, Lil B had a tellingly Based God-centric response to her success in an interview with Billboard Magazine back in June.

"When you're an artist you get what you deserve," Lil B said evasively. "I'm happy that she's working for her dreams and following the world I have created. She's definitely talented and we will see what's in store for the future. But it's all about Lil B and the Based God."

Kreayshawn has yet to address the video, and there is no word as to why it is only just resurfacing.

Watch Kreayshawn Talk Lil B Beef