Toronto-based hip-hop artist K'naan has had a wild month. The Somali-expat's song 'Wavin' Flag' was selected as Coca-Cola's official anthem for the World Cup, so he's been running around Johannesburg at official events to promote the company. With the tournament over and Spain reigning victorious, The Times newspaper in Johannesburg published a report that ripped K'naan for being a real pain for organizers and promoters of the event.

"There were several times when he made it so hard for us to deal with him," the article stated. "He complains and whines about the things he has to do. He even said he would not go to Alexandra Township because it was dangerous. We've received complaints from people claiming that he is mean and refuses to take pictures with them, and he also told some people that he wished he could get out of the contract and go back home."

K'naan caught wind of the article this morning (July 12) and is now demanding an apology from the paper. He, rightfully, points out that all of the anecdotes remain anonymous and attributed an "insider." It appears that this will remain one of those artist versus media situations where neither side backs down.

"I just read a Times Live article entitled 'K'naan is difficult,'" K'naan tweeted. "A piece entirely based on the opinion of 'an insider' who is never named. It's unfortunate when one of the biggest (papers) in South Africa can publish a rumor piece without ever qualifying any of their statements."

K'naan performed shows in 86 different countries on his World Cup tour while 'Wavin' Flag' has been remixed as a Haiti benefit single and is now topping charts in the U.K., Austria, Germany, Ireland and Canada. Watch his performance at the World Cup kick-off after the jump.

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