Last week, The BoomBox premiered the lyric video for K'naan's 'Better,' a track featured on his new EP, 'More Beautiful Than Silence.' Now the Canadian rapper-singer debuts his follow-up visuals with 'Coming to America,' also appearing on the project.

"This one's going out to anyone who's ever had to leave their home," K'naan says before the song -- which includes a blend of men chanting on the beat -- commences. "This my story."

As the 34-year-old entertainer begins his verse, he describes life growing up in Somalia. "I came out of a killer/ Neighborhood called River/ Where life expectancy is shorter than a caterpillar/ I was once a gorilla/ Mogadishu was my cage/ My trainer was the gauge," he raps.

Before 'Coming to America' concludes, K'naan reveals his school was blown up while he attended 8th grade and says his upbringing is nothing compared to the life of the King of Zamunda -- the character portrayed in the 1988 film 'Coming to America.'

Check the tracklisting for the 'More Beautiful Than Silence' EP below.

1. 'Is Anybody Out There' feat. Nelly Furtado

2. 'Nothing to Lose' feat. Nas

3. 'More Beautiful Than Silence'

4. 'Better'

5. 'Coming to America'

Watch K'naan's 'Coming to America' Lyric Video


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