KING is matching their dreamy vocals with an ethereal visual in "Carry On."

The acclaimed R&B group takes viewers on a psychedelic journey as their animated selves walk on clouds above rainbows and airplanes. The Veronica Solomon-directed video is a perfect complement for their famously smooth vocals.

The video gels nicely with KING's harmonizing -- which they credit to Solomon's vision. "In the second piece of our series of animated visuals for the album, 'Carry On’ is perfectly captured by Veronica in her gorgeously blissful vision with a surrealist twist, making the entire experience feel like a dream," read an Instagram post on the group's page.

KING dropped their debut album, We Are King, a few months ago but the group of three black women, (Amber, Paris and  Anita), has already gained praise and a rising fandom.

“We wanted people to feel like they were falling into a cloud or wrapping themselves in a warm blanket,” said Paris in an interview with The Boombox in regards to their debut album, We Are King. But the album also has a message -- self-love.

“Self-love is just taking care of yourself and embracing all that is you,” said Paris in our interview. “Your creativity and your passions–everything that makes you a whole person, not just parts of yourself but all of yourself.”

KING is slated to perform at SXSW for the first time. They'll be located at the Spotify House on March 14 and with Stereogum on March 16. As for the spring, they'll be heading overseas to the U.K., Ireland and Japan.


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