TIT.I. must be pretty used to legal trouble by now, having been released from prison recently for a weapons charge. Now we can add copyright infringement to the list, as a rapper called Motoe Blizzid, real name Nathan Filby, is claiming that T.I. plagiarized his 2006 hit single 'What You Know'.

This sort of accusation is pretty difficult to prove unless there is overwhelming evidence, but Filby felt strong enough to throw a lawsuit into the mix for good measure. Filby's claim is that 'What You Know' lifts portions of his own composition entitled 'Reverence,' which was passed around two years prior to T.I.'s 'King' -- where 'What You Know' originally appeared. According to court documents, Filby says that he sent his song to several music industry folks with a specific implication that T.I. must have heard the song from an agent at Relentless Management, a company affiliated with the ATL luminary.

So, what's the actual evidence? Here's where things get a bit trickier. Filby claims that both songs carry the "same rate of harmonic range" in the track's "nearly identical core harmonic progression of descending 4ths" and "nearly identical instrumental melodic lines in terms of pitch, shape and rhythm." Translation: They have suspiciously similar chord progressions and melodies.

According to the papers, Filby is seeking his fair share of profits from T.I.'s work on the Grammy Award-winning single. There hasn't been a response from T.I. as of yet, but we imagine he'll remain relatively quiet on the matter being that he's still in a halfway house and all.

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