Killer Mike and Brother J of X Clan might have disagreed on Instagram, but they managed to keep things civil throughout.

In short, their back-and-forth started after the New York rapper mentioned Mike's name while commenting on a commercial featuring Hillary Clinton and Mary J. Blige. If you missed that particular ad, it was strange looking and uncomfortable to watch to say the least.

Evidently, Brother J thought felt that way too, and that's when he blasted artists for working with politicians, like Mike campaigning for former democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"Chicken fingers and politricks," wrote the "Funkin' Lesson" rhymer about the Clinton and Blige clip. "That serenade was so coon. Being polite doesn't work unless you have privilege attached. Proven fact. Social influence is budgeted for sellouts."

Artists are lining up to be used and abused in the end. So when all this is said and done, let's see if Bernie and Killa Mike will do an album together and build a school or if Lil Wayne's amnesia is wearing down," added J.

That last line referenced Weezy's claims that he's never experienced racism in his life. Killer Mike responded on Instagram, in a post that has since been deleted.

"Love but it's Killer not Killa," wrote Mike in response to J's post. "Still jam X Clan and still waiting on that school you never built to drop in ATL too. Love you since Chaka Zula took us out with ya'll as kids, and I saw you talk like a preacher and act like a n----, later drinking and getting at righteous women like thotties," continued Mike. "In fact, that night is the reason I decided I would never hide my secular side and always stay 100 with my intentions for blacks."

The Atlanta native then accused Brother J of talking about helping black people but failing to act on his words. He did, however, give credit to the veteran spitter for his lyrics and high skill level as an MC.

"Love and respect, fam," wrote the Brooklyn rapper in response. "I guess they now realize I would never bash a soldier in motion. I build with you direct. Bless."

J then went on to explain why he posted that initial message and detailed why he feels artists shouldn't help politicians with their campaigns.

You can read the entire exchange below, captured by Hip-HopDX.


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