It was a big day in Atlanta city politics yesterday (Oct. 2), as the city council unanimously voted to decriminalize marijuana.

The measure, which passed 15-0, amends the local law so that possession of up to one ounce of marijuana is punishable by a $75 fine, and no more. There will be no arrest, jail time, or criminal arrest record, which is huge.

“Today we stand with every parent of Atlanta who is fearful of or has seen their children’s lives destroyed, or careers ruined because of a racist policy that unjustly incarcerated minorities by more than ninety percent,” Councilman and mayoral candidate, Kwanzaa Hall, said in a statement after the measure passed.  Hall pushed the ordinance, which current mayor Kasim Reed tweeted he looks forward to signing.

“Currently, we are seeing families torn apart. We’re seeing young people lose their scholarships, we’re seeing people become unemployable, all because of possession of less than an ounce." Hall said. "And primarily the neighborhoods, the zip codes, the people are people of color living in parts of our city that have been left behind, that have been neglected, and they are being penalized greater than anyone else.”

2 Chainz also expressed his satisfaction with the new ordinance, as did Big Boi.

"Mannnnn this will save so many young people from bullshit charges that later haunt them," 2 Chainz wrote on Instagram.

Of course, Killer Mike, who has been a big proponent of the decriminalization of weed, as well as its legalization, was happy the ordinance was passed. He particularly thanked mayor candidate and senator Vincent Fort for campaigning to get the ordinance on the table and Kwanzaa Hall for "pushing the line" on the city council. Mike has publicly supported Fort in the race, speaking a recent rally with Bernie Sanders in support, but praised both Hall and Fort for working together to get the ordinance passed for the greater good of the city.

"Y'all have truly showed Black Lives, Future and Freedom matters," Mike wrote on IG. "Y'all have shown ya self to be Progressive and I further challenge y'all to push the progressive line as city council members and Any post ya hold."

With weed now legal in several states including Colorado and Washington, maybe the decriminalization of marijuana will be come a trend nationwide. Check out Big Boi, 2 Chainz and Killer Mike's posts below.


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