G-Unit member Kidd Kidd may be an add-on to the clique, but he has more than shown his worth thus far by putting in his fair share of work and dropping a slew of impressive verses when given the spotlight to shine. Looking to build on his momentum, the southern upstart comes through with a new mixtape, Rapper's Worst Nitemare.

Aside from his appearances on G-Unit's recent EPs and the occasional loosie, the fans have been waiting to hear more of Kidd Kidd standing on his own two, which he acknowledges on the intro track. "Bout motherf---in' time, huh? Everybody been like, 'Kidd, man, drop something, man, drop a CD, drop,' man, I got y'all. I'm here now," he delivers. He then proceeds to do his thing over Wale's "The Matrimony" beat and gets the tape going on a positive note.

Many releases these days may feature original production, but Kidd Kidd opts to follow the template set by his G-Unit forefathers and goes in over a bevy of other rapper's hits, tackling current favorites such as Future's "F--- Up Some Commas" ("Commas") Chedda da Connect's "Flicka da Wrist"("Hit A Lick") and Big Sean's "Blessings" ("Blessed").

He even serves rhymes over oldies-but-goodies like Biggie's "Juicy" and Jay Z's "Can I Live." Running 12 tracks deep and featuring Kidd Kidd going for dolo on every track other than the posse cut, "Bang Bang," Rapper's Worst Nitemare should leave rival MCs shaking in their Timbs.

Listen to Kidd Kidd's Rapper's Worst Nitemare Mixtape

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