The drama never ends for Suge Knight. Apparently the Suge's lawyer is now threatening to sue Lifetime if the upcoming Michel'le biopic, The Michel'le Story makes him look bad, or as his lawyer says, "defames" him.

Suge's lawyer, J. Tooson told TMZ that Suge has certain rights of privacy, which he's really concerned about protecting and he expects the upcoming biopic to honor those rights. Suge is certainly no stranger to suing folks, even though he's currently still battling a murder case. The former Death Row Records CEO filed a lawsuit against R&B star Chris Brown, singer Pia Mia and the owners of a Los Angeles nightclub where Knight was shot seven times at a party back in 2014.

As for Michel'le, the singer has been pretty forthright about her marriage to Suge.

"As far as having a relationship, we co-parent, [and] maybe we would see him every three months," Michel'le, 44, told People in a 2015 interview about Knight and their daughter Bailei, who was 12 at the time.

"When I was with [Suge], he was in prison for six years, which was most of the time we were together because we were only together for eight, and then [he was in prison for] another six months when she was born," Michel'le explained to the magazine about raising her daughter alone since Bailei was around the age of 2.

She said that her daughter hadn't corrected the dots about her father. "And that's okay for me right now because by that time we'll be able to work through it, and I'm happy about that," she told People.

The Michel'le Story doesn't currently have a firm release date, but if this pending drama is any indication, you should probably grab the popcorn.


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