Khia has weighed in on the Kanye West/Taylor Swift "Famous" lyric phone call feud.

The opinionated rapper expressed her thoughts on her radio show, "The Queen Court," saying that 'Ye is a b-tch for secretly recording his conversation with Taylor.

“Kanye’s b-tch a-- secretly recorded Taylor Swift’s conversation when he called and pretended like he was telling her what this record was gonna be when he was calling her all kind of white b-tches and whores,” Khia said during an episode of her show. “And saying that he might as well hit that a-- cause he’s the who made her famous and all that carrying on. And when he called, Taylor claimed he didn’t say all that. She didn’t know she was gonna be call all kind of b-tches and white whores and slores.”

Khia is specifically referring to Taylor's claims that she didn't know Kanye was going to call her a "b-tch" after the phone call leaked, and that he recited some but not all of the lyrics of the song to her, particularly the part about how he "made that b-tch famous." Khia is Team Taylor and has decided that Taylor should sue Kanye and Kim.

“All I gotta say is I feel like it was premeditated,” she said. “If y’all recorded this conversation months ago and y’all didn’t let her know she was being recorded, I think Taylor has a case. And I would sue the hell out of ’em and get me a little money out of they ass for defamation of character and a little bit of more things. Taylor, get yo money. Sue the hell out of ’em. Sue ’em for everything that they got.”

Khia also said that Kim Kardashian “likes b-tches” and was the man in the relationship. The rapper did say that Yeezy had her respect for his famous “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” comment at A Concert for Hurricane Relief, however.

Watch the full video above.



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