After a stint on VH1 'Celebrity Rehab,' Keyshia Cole's mother has found herself back behind bars on drug related charges. Frankie Lons was busted for drug possession charges on Thursday (April 28).

According to TMZ, Lons was pulled over on a routine traffic violation, when it was discovered that she had an open warrant out for her arrest, stemming from an earlier probation violation. A further search uncovered "drug-related material" located on Lons' person. She was taken to a nearby jail and booked on misdemeanor drug-possession and probation violation charges.

This isn't the first time that the mother of seven has been in trouble with the law. Earlier this month, Lons was locked up on a parole violation charge for failing a drug test. "You know I really pray she gets it together for herself," Cole tweeted of the news. "She has to want change for herself."

Cole and her mother have had a strained relationship over the years, which they attempted to rectify on the singer's now defunct reality show 'The Way It Is.' The 29-year-old was adopted as a child, and began financially supporting her mother in adulthood. Prior to giving birth to her son, Cole released a public statement explaining her estrangement from her mother and other family members, but the two have since reconciled.

Lons appeared on the most recent season of 'Celebrity Rehab' where she sought treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

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