The 2011 BET Awards nominations were announced yesterday (May 17) and one person who was left out of the loop was singer Keyshia Cole, and the snub didn't go unnoticed. The California native, who released her fourth album 'Calling All Hearts' late last year, was once a staple on the music charts but has since experienced a career lull, with her latest effort selling just over 240,000 units as of March.

Cole took to her Twitter page to address fans inquiries as to why she didn't receive a single nomination. "These types of thing R the way they R," she wrote. "I'm not upset about any of it in any way. I hope everyone that goes has a wonderful time." The 29-year-old then lashed out at the network for making her feel unwanted. "That awkward moment when u realize in everyone's eyes your not the s--- anymore. #POW. I've officially got the memo. Thank mtv/bet," Cole said.

This isn't the first time that Cole has used Twitter to express her feelings on being shut out of awards shows. Last year, she called out the MTV Video Music Awards for not inviting her to the ceremony. "MTV told me im not a..... MTV artist ..... sooooo," she tweeted in response to a fan. "Idk they're perception of who am ... i haven't crossed over yet.... i only sell 1.5 every album.. thats only 5 mill. in 5 years."

While promoting 'Calling All Hearts,' Cole admitted to not taking the advice of her record label and releasing the up-tempo 'I Ain't Thru' featuring Nicki Minaj, instead of a ballad, which she is known for. The decision proved to be a bad one as the single failed to resonate with fans peaking at No. 54 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. Cole also fired longtime manager Manny Haley.

Up next, the singer will head out on a national tour with R. Kelly.

Watch Keyshia Cole's 'I Ain't Thru'
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