Keyshia Cole only joined Twitter two days ago, and the R&B singer isn't being shy about her next album for Interscope.

The 28-year-old shacked up in a luxe beachside California pad while recording the follow up to 2008's gold-certified 'A Different Me.' Cole revealed that Skateboard P is manning the studio boards for the effort after tweeting this photo of her and Pharrell from the studio.

She later tweeted to fans: "Faith Evans sounds epic on my new album ... My new album sounds epic ... " Other collaborations for Cole's fourth album peg her with Young Money first lady Nicki Minaj, but apparently that August studio session did not go so well. There is no release date for the tentatively self-titled album, but pay attention to Keyshia's Twitter page and you are sure to find out ... sooner than later.

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