Just when you thought Keyshia Cole's husband was done with the marriage, think again.

Last month, TMZ reported that Daniel "Boobie" Gibson beat the R&B singer to the divorce punch by filing papers to put an end to their marriage, but turns out that wasn't true.

The tabloid site obtained the divorce papers and called a number listed on the documents. A person who claimed to be Gibson answered, but he was actually an imposter. And when the address on the documents was checked, it ended up being an El Pollo Loco restaurant, not Gibson's home.

Reporters reached the former Cleveland Cavalier basketball player and asked if he really did file for divorce ahead of Keyshia Cole. His answer: no. He also claims that he'll press charges against whoever is impersonating him.

Additionally, Gibson says because of his spiritual beliefs, he's against divorce entirely.  "She would have to do it," he said. "I am a Christian. I believe in 'til death do us part."

Keyshia Cole apparently still plans to file divorce papers, revealing she's completely done with the marriage.