For months, Keyshia Cole has been trying to keep quiet about what is happening with her marriage to NBA player Daniel "Boobie" Gibson after rumors began circulating about his infidelity. However, the singer is setting the record straight about her personal life.

The 'Next Time (Won't Give My Heart Away)' singer sat down with Power 105.1's 'The Breakfast Club' Thursday (March 20) to talk about her new album, which arrives in August, and essentially what the status is with her relationship. When asked if she and Boobie are getting a divorced, she didn't give a direct response.

"I just want to put my music out and just sit in my own craziness," she begins. "You know what I'm saying. And chill out for a minute. I don't even know what I want to do right now. I don't really want to talk about it. You know what I mean? [Or] even go into it."

But the West Coast native does reveal that she'll delve into her relationship issues on the forthcoming LP.

Host Charlamagne tha God sheds light on the fact that fans want to see her angry so she'll make better music. "That's cool, too," Keyshia says with a laugh. "It's a business, and I don't take none of it personal. It's up to me as a human being as a person, as a mother to get my stuff right personally. But as far as out in the open, in the media, publicly, I'm good. People can say or think whatever."

Despite trying to avoid drama, she gets confronted with her Twitter feuds with strippers that have been linked to Boobie. Keyshia admits she was also venting a lot on the social media network.

"Well, I have feelings," she defends herself. "Sometimes I need to put my phone down, you know. I need to chill out because I really don't want to go into it, but I be chillin'. I'm chillin'."

And when asked how hard it is to put on a straight face while the rumors are circulating, she responds, "It can be stressful. But you know, I've grown a lot. I'm 30 years old. [It] ain't the same way I used to do like take my anger out and just go ahead and just approach you or do something about it. That ain't the way I do it no more. I'm a mother. And whatever I do from here on out, I want my son to be proud of, regardless of what it is."

She also admits that she and Boobie "co-parent" and even gives him props on being a good dad to their son. "He's a great father," she admits. "8:30 he come take DJ [their son] to school every morning, and I pick him up. We good, you know."

'The Breakfast Club' does point out that even though they are no longer together, Boobie still stands up for her, especially with the beef she has with Charlamagne tha God. "Well, you know he should be doing that," she explains. "Like I said, nobody should take anything that Charlamagne says personal. He's just doing his job. But when you take it that step further, I got my son, and it seemed a little extra."

For more of Keyshia's interview with the Breakfast Club, watch the video above.

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