Keyshia Cole is a woman known for constantly evolving, whether it be her hair color, makeup or even her sound. The singer has been very open about her transformations both musically and in her life, which was scrutinized by the public eye for her reality show "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is." She's putting her life once again on public display with a return to reality TV.

We're not sure how the new show will turn out, but the recent reveal of her new Woman to Woman cover art has The BoomBox staff pining for the past. The chanteuse poses for a close-up shot of her face while holding a mask. A bit creepy if you ask us. The effect produced is Keyshia Cole holding a copy of her own face. Halloween seems to have come a bit early, folks.

For each of her four previous albums, the "Take Me Away" songbird has released unique covers featuring her face in some aspect. While we praise her for thinking outside of the box and going a different route for Woman to Woman, the covers before this one hit a homerun in comparison. Look at her fourth LP artwork, Calling All Hearts, and it seems as if her new cover is a bit of a repeat -- even down to the lipstick color.

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