Drake has an extensive history of showing his fandom for NBA players and professional teams, but it looks like he may be brewing a potential beef with one. Last night, the Toronto Raptors held their annual 'Drake Night,' as the Canadian NBA team played against the Golden State Warriors. While most thought that Drizzy would show some friendly competition to the Western Conference champions, being that he's friends with Stephen Curry, things got a little more intense.

Throughout the evening, the Canadian rapper could be seen heckling some of the Warriors players while they were on the court, including Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. This isn't the first time Drizzy has shown some of his competitive nature during a basketball game, but it did eventually bring KD out of his character. During his post-game interview with ESPN, the 28-year-old baller was speaking on his team when Drake approached him from behind, and appeared to have purposely bumped into him, interrupting the interview. From the look on Kevin's face, he didn't seem too happy by the gesture, and even gave him a brief staredown as Drake walked away.

The interview then took a turn as well, as the host asked Durant about playing against the Raptors on 'Drake Night,' and what he thought of the celebration. The NBA player stated, “I don’t give a damn about no damn Drake night," and proceeded to walk away. The tension could be cut with a knife, but we wonder if it will effect Durant's fandom for Drizzy, who he has proclaimed in the past as his favorite rapper. The hip-hop star even brought him out on stage during his Summer Sixteen Tour this past summer, so chances are this is just a display of Durant's competitive spirit.

Check out Drake bumping Kevin Durant during his post-game interview above, and the stare it gets him from the basketball star.


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