Keri Hilson is a new-school diva. A jet-setting singer full of ambition, who packs the house at every show. The latter may have been a detriment. According to, the 'Pretty Girl Rock' singer recently took the stage in Paris and was greeted by an overzealous fan during her last song. As the video below shows, a man climbs up on stage and, feeling overwhelmed by his love for Hilson, pulls her in for a full embrace.

Initially the blonde-haired chanteuse probably thought, "Oh, this is nice. I like hugs," but then, several bodyguards bull-rush the stage, grabbing Hilson as she is still locked in her fan's embrace. Then, the unthinkable happens. In an attempt to loosen the fan's grip, one member of her security team throws a fearsome punch. But it didn't hit the right target.

The punch lands directly on the side of Hilson's face. Even though this ended the onstage episode, we're pretty sure that this diva is done playing Paris for awhile. Check out the footage below. Hopefully she didn't get too hurt -- because she seriously got clocked.

Watch Keri Hilson Get Punched

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