As reported by AOL Music Blog, Keri Hilson is no stranger to beefing with other artists. Just last month she refused to pose for a photo on the Soul Train Awards red carpet while holding up a magazine ... because Beyonce was on the cover! Now in her latest celeb smack down, Hilson has been caught on camera hating on rockin' pop star Ke$ha.

In the video footage below, Keri is getting primped and prepped by her hair and makeup team. The 'Pretty Girl Rock' singer asks her entourage, "Can we get some music now?" and a Ke$ha song starts playing on the radio. "Some Ke$ha? Whatever her name is," a member of her posse sarcastically asks while playing impromptu DJ.

Keri throws her head back and lets out a big laugh before answering, "Some real music!" The same entourage member adds, "I hate her!" with a tone of disgust. Keri laughs again, then waves to the camera and says, "Hi, editors!" No doubt a signal to cut the Ke$ha dis from the final edit of the footage.

But the bash sesh didn't end there. "I mean that in all sense of the word 'hate.' She's vile!" the friend continued. "Oh Lord!" Keri says with another laugh before repeating, "Hi, editors!"

What do you think of the dis? Is Keri's music more "real" than Ke$ha's?

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