We last saw Kat Dahlia in an upbeat mood for her 'Happy and I Know It' video, but that sentiment has pushed into more obsessive territory on her new song, 'Crazy.'

The Cuban songstress sings about intense feelings for someone who's just walked into her life. She sounds passionate about it, too. "Tell me what's going on I need to know," she delivers. ''Cause I'm not trying to lose myself or lose control."

It's a feeling that's been articulated for decades, so performing over a throwback instrumental isn't too left-field of an idea. The sly, clean guitar strums call back the R&B sounds of decades prior, as the descending piano keys slip into the hook to add a sense of soul.

The 23-year-old's upcoming music may just follow the tone of 'Crazy.' Her debut album, 'My Garden,' will see a February 2014 release.

Listen to Kat Dahlia's 'Crazy'