Kat Dahlia knows happiness is the truth. The Cuban rapper-singer debuts the visual for 'Happy and I Know It,' the upbeat but slightly tipsy opener to her 'Seeds' mixtape.

After taking a short nap on a piece of cardboard in a skate park (what happened to her bed in that 'Gangsta' video?), Dahlia leads a party that stretches from the park to a costumed festival in a backyard. She tosses money around like it's nothing and puffs on an unknown green substance. This is one woman who ain't worried about nothin.'

The Marlon Santini-directed clip comes to a close with the completion of a mural in Dahlia's likeness, painted by artist Jona Cerwinske.

Dahlia's 'Seeds' mixtape was released last week, and her debut album, 'My Garden,' is expected to arrive in early 2014.