On the heels of the release of 'Otis,' a new track set to appear on the forthcoming joint album, 'Watch the Throne,' from Jay-Z and Kanye West, comes a documentary detailing some of the work put into the effort.

In the clip, the duo are shown in Sydney, Australia, where they headed to bang out some of the production and rhymes for the LP, set to release on April 1 digitally and elsewhere August 5. But not everything is about work. Hov celebrates his birthday, with wife Beyonce by his side, during the two rappers' period crafting the collabo, and he receives gifts from his "brother" 'Ye, which include a pricey ring.

Visuals flash from past to present and everywhere in between. From West announcing his induction into the Roc-a-Fella camp to Jigga performing on the Hard Knock Life tour, much is seen of how two of hip-hop's most celebrated cultural icons came to be.

"I'm watching a guy who, you know, I pretty much I mentored, become his own guy with his own opinion, you know, it's fantastic," Jay says of 'Ye.


A bit of the creative process is revealed as well. "I love music that just really, really, really pushes, f----- people up," Yeezy says while in a dimly lit room where production equipments rests and music, which could be a 'Watch the Throne' cut, plays in the background. "Like makes them extremely mad they attempt to make music," he continued.

Preorder 'Watch the Throne' here. The LP will be released digitally on August 1 and physically on August 5.

Watch Jay-Z and Kanye West in the 'Watch the Throne' Documentary

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