Back in 2015, Kanye West claimed that he's going to run for president in 2020, and now he's teasing folks again with the prospect of a presidential bid.

Late Tuesday night (April 24), Kanye went on Twitter and wrote "2024." Was it a hint that he plans to bring his presidential dreams to life in 2024?

Adding merit to his not-so-subtle hinting, yesterday, a right wing conservative group of artists took credit for posters that popped up around the country in cities including L.A., Chicago and New York, which were promoting a Kanye 2024 presidential campaign. The artists said they were inspired by Kanye's support of right wing conservative Candace Owens (Kanye tweeted that he likes the way she thinks over the weekend). The artists quite dramatically called it a "watershed moment" for the country.

Since Kanye loves Trump so much, it makes sense he wouldn't be promoting a 2020 bid, as Trump will likely run again (well, if he isn't impeached).

Anyway, Kanye's return to Twitter apparently has another point aside from sparking controversy daily. He's promoting his upcoming albums, tweeting he has a solo album dropping as well as a joint album with Kid Cudi which are slated to arrive in June.


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