Drama seems to be the word of the week. This time it's K. Michelle and Toya Wright who have restarted their beef.

It all started when The Shade Room posted a photo of Wright's new book, How to Lose a Husband, which was met with some crying laughing emojis in the comments.

Background: Michelle has continuously said that Wright's now ex husband, Memphitz, physically abused her. But her allegations were publicly met with ridicule and disbelief by Wright. So we can see why Michelle may want to admittedly be petty right now.

It didn't stop at the emojis though. "Glad to know you're watching," responded Wright. "watching you look stupid" Michelle retorted.

Wright continued to guess that the red-haired singer is mad because she "can't seem to find" a husband while Wright has had two.

That's when Michelle let her have it.

"you loose a man by sleeping in them bedazzled ass bonnets while handing out hall passes. I'm gone laugh at yo ass FOREVAA (cardi b voice) after the hell you put me through calling me liar. How you gone tell another woman what she went through? I'm gone always be petty when it comes to you. You tried to make my life hell, don't try me bitch ever again in yo life. You a joke and I have the best sense of humor," read the long comment laying claim to the Before Bed Headz bonnets that Wright promotes. She also started referring to Toya as Toyota because petty.

Reginae Carter and Safaree get into the drama as well at some point too.

Check out the clap backs below. Keep it classy, ladies.

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