Back in 1999, Juvenile released 'Back That Azz Up,' which became a nationwide anthem for ladies to shake their derrières. Fifteen years later, Juve is asking the ladies to twerk on his latest single, 'Booty,' featuring 2 Chainz.

Produced by Mouse on Tha Track, 'Booty' is a mindless club track, which samples DJ Spin and Fresh Kid Ice's classic club jam, 'Booty Drop.' On it, Juve the Great praises the big butt and the ladies who love to shake it.

"With big titties and big a--, her face pretty, she been bad / She got money, she pop tags / She not dumb and she not trash / I just saw her, she slip fast / She turn necks like whiplash / Got real hair and got real a-- and she exercises it like gym class," he raps.

2 Chainz follows suit and praises the almighty gluteus maximus. "South side until I die, I cannot lie, identify / My name tag between her thighs, she got an onion booty, I'm finna cry," he spits.

This is strictly for the clubs so enjoy and get your twerk on.

Listen to Juvenile's Song 'Booty' Feat. 2 Chainz