Just Brittany, the former girlfriend of Z-Ro, has come forward to tell her side of the alleged beating by the Houston rapper that occurred back in April. Last month, Z-Ro was charged with felony aggravated assault for the domestic violence incident.

Just Brittany, whose real name is Brittany Bullock, broke down in tears as she detailed the horrific night in which she claims that Z-Ro beat her for at least two hours. According to Brittany, Z-Ro slapped her and beat her repeatedly for no reason. When she was allowed to use the bathroom she wanted to call 911 but felt that her life would be at risk if she did use her cell phone. So she turned on her camera not thinking that Z-Ro would continue to assault her.

"I thought the right thing for me to do was to grab my phone and record it," she explains. "I'm thinking okay if something happens to me in this house...this man he has no soul in his eyes right now. This is not the person who I fell in love with. He's angry at something and he's taking it out on me."

Brittany alleges that Z-Ro grabbed her by her hair, dragged her into his bedroom and continue to beat her. She believes that she did the right thing by recording the incident. Police would hear the 21-minute recording of the beating and subsequently went forward with arresting Z-Ro.

In response, Z-Ro is questioning Brittany's motives. The rapper claims she is using the incident to promote her appearance on the VH1 reality competition series SIGNED, where she is trying to secure a record deal. Z-Ro's attorney has maintained that his client is a good person.

You can watch Just Brittany's full interview on Raq Rants above.

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