Following reports that Houston rapper Z-Ro allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend, Just Brittany, the artist came out and said his ex was using him for publicity.

While Z-Ro wouldn’t comment on the 21-minute recording Brittany has of the alleged beating, his team is reportedly prepared to fight the charges.

But now, a new report from TMZ suggests the rapper may have admitted to the beating on a song called “Sorry.” According to the site’s sources, Z-Ro created the track and sent it to Brittany just one month after the alleged attack occurred.

“I’m sorry, baby; I’m sorry, baby / I just can’t be your ho / I can’t believe I put my hands on you, I ain’t wanna do it, I was trying to blow 20 grand on you,” Z-Ro raps. “The f--- is man gon’ do with all this ungratefulness and hatefulness from the people I deal with and the woman I chill with // Woman, this is some ill s--- / I was just that close to walkin’ in and shootin’ everybody too.”

On July 26, police arrested the rapper after Brittany filed a complaint for an incident she said occurred in April. According to the complaint, Z-Ro slapped, punched and dragged Brittany throughout a house while holding a pistol.

Z-Ro has since been released from jail after posting the $50,000 bail.

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