'Bounce It' is one of the catchier tracks on Juicy J's 'Stay Trippy,' an album serving as a trip through hedonistic pleasures and excess. There's a little more of that injected with fervor into the two remixes, which replace Wale with Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa and keeps Trey Songz on hook duties.

One version has percussion that knocks slightly harder as vocal chants demand some twerking. The remix sounds more aggressive, but Wiz Khalifa takes the show with an impressive liquid delivery and wise guy quips. "Trying to show up for the cameras / Bitch your ass ain't fatter than Amber's / She keep talking she wanna do me and her," Khalifa informs.

If twerking occurred in outer space, it would probably sound close to 'Bounce It (Remix 2.0).' The emphasis on the overriding bass is replaced for an EDM feel as twinkling keys open the festivities here.

Even as the track is being bombarded with all those electronics, Juicy is still slicker than K-Y Jelly while Trey Songz follows his lead and absolutely refuses to say no to "ratchet p----." All in all, it sounds like a way better time than the predicament the poor young fellow in the 'Stop It' video found himself in.

Listen to Juicy J's 'Bounce It' (Remix) Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Trey Songz

Listen to Juicy J's 'Bounce It' (Remix 2.0) Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Trey Songz