Juelz Santana doesn't waste a line in his new "Up In The Studio Gettin' Blown Part 2," which is a sequel to some bars he dropped in November.

This time, the Harlem rapper creates even more lyrical heat and sews together punchline after memorable punchline. He also gets really slick with the wordplay too.

"Real n---- all day, stay strapped wit it / You gotta go get it, then come back with it / Young Slick Rick no patch with it / Late n----, Hot Boy no match with it / Still getting money, you can hashtag facts with it / And ya'll n---- still broke, all caps with it," spits Juelz.

Then later he calls out people who front on Instagram.

"All these n---- wanna do is post IG pics / But sh--- you only gon' see them on IG with / That's your IG jewels, that's your IG whip / Seeing for real like where the sh--- you had on IG went? / Me, if I post it I own it," rhymes the Native New Yorker.

You can listen to the song below, while the Dipset rapper gears up to release his next full-length project The Get Back.

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