These days, the average hip-hop fan will hear more songs about the trap rather than deeper issues like race and class. So it's always eye-opening and ear-catching whenever a track is outside of today's rap music norm.

And that's where Worcester, Mass., rapper Joyner Lucas comes in. He's released an effort titled 'Half N----,' which details his experience of being biracial, and how its caused certain problems for him among both black and white communities.

Lucas uses an extremely lyrical approach to describe what it's like not only growing up with a black father and white mother, but how society views him as a whole.

"Know what it's like to be half n---- / My white mom fell in love with a black n---- / A white lady with a color kid / I don't even understand what my color is / Black white brown or some other s--- / Homeys say you ain't allowed with us / I don't even want you hanging out with us / And quit trying to act like you're proud of us / If we were slaves back then you'd be a house n----," spits the talented New Englander over airy keys.

He also discusses the huge disparaging gaps between blacks and whites when it comes to ownership. Lucas makes the point that some people exploit the talents of African-Americans. He calls out those that use the talents of a rapper, singer or sports figure to make a lot of dough without giving them a fair cut.

Additionally, the Dead Silence Records signee speaks about African-Americans not getting the proper respect, even though some have gained material wealth.

"Even if you had level three clearance / Even if you had Hillary's parents / Even if you were a rap star / Even if you had 10 cars / And even if you had a red Porsche and a 747 with 10 floors and the best whores / Even if you were a ballplayer playing for the Clippers / Just imagine how you would feel if you were Doc Rivers / With a boss like the racist motherf---er Donald Sterling," rhymes Joyner.

Clearly, the poetic MC has a lot on his mind. Joyner Lucas does a stellar job of conveying those thoughts in a very intelligent and artistic way. For more on the artist, check out his 2011 solo debut 'Listen 2 Me.' He also released the visual to his sex-driven ode 'Laid Tonight' last week.

Listen to Joyner Lucas' 'Half N-----'

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