Besides being one of the best rappers to ever live, the Notorious B.I.G. was also known as a man with a sense of humor, which often displayed in his songs. One of the funniest moment on any Biggie album is on the cut 'I Got A Story to Tell,' off his classic 1997 album, 'Life After Death.' In the song, the rapper details the story of how he slept with a woman then robbed her man ("a player off the New York Knicks”) before he caught them in the act.

Since the song dropped, many have wondered who that New York Knicks player really was. Was it Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley or Charles Smith? As they were all part of that 1994 roster that Big was talking about. To clear up the rumors, former Knicks shooting guard John Starks visited ESPN's 'Highly Questionable' and revealed that the guy Biggie was rapped about in the song isn't him.

"That wasn't me," Starks stated. 'First and foremost I'm not even 6 [feet] 5 [inches]. I'm 6 [feet] 2 [inches] actually, so it couldn't have been about me. I know who it was about but I'm not gonna say. I can't tell you. I just want to get it clear it wasn't about me."

Starks wouldn't budge on revealing the teammate that Biggie was speaking of, even after the 'Highly Questionable' hosts begged him to tell. When the segment ended, they even tried to convince the 49-year-old that the cameras were off, and asked him once again to reveal the name of the person in the cut.

No luck though, the former hoops star remain tight-lipped. Biggie fans will have to keep on guessing when it comes to the mystery Knicks player detailed in 'I Got A Story to Tell.'

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