Joell Ortiz and Sanaa Lathan

Rapper Joell Ortiz loves actress Sanaa much so that he wrote a song about it. Titled 'Letter to Sanaa,' Ortiz spits his adoration for Lathan over Michael Jackson's 'We're Almost There.' To make sure she got the memo, Otriz also sent the track to her via his Twitter page. "You may not know this but baby you my brown sugar," he starts on the track. "Play me one on one my hands won't put a foul to ya'/ I'll let you score every basket 'til it's all over/ Love and Basketball made you more of a orange soda. You my Crush, face sweeter than a maple syrup."

The Brooklyn-born MC goes on to daydreams about what life would be like if he took his crush to the next level and actually made a move. "Just want to spend time with you, let you get to know me/ Whoever you messing with, I feel sorry for homie/ Cuz he gon' seem corny when you goin' home/ You'll find yourself sneakin' off to text me on your mobile phone/ And I reply with something to make you smile something to make you wish that you can see me for a little while/ Well you can I extend my hand here you been my crush forever it ain't goin' anywhere. I swear."

Rumor has it that Lathan is shacking up with SRC Records founder Steve Rifkind, so we'll just have to wait and see if Ortiz' lyrical love proclamation will result in any sparks. But at this point, the ball is in her court.

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