Fans of Joell Ortiz have been patiently waiting for his album 'Free Agent' throughout the year. As we reported, the record was supposed to be released yesterday yet suffered a last minute setback until 2011. Apparently Amazon didn't get the memo. 'Free Agent' went on sale through the website's mail order and instant download store yesterday without Ortiz knowing about it.

"Just got word Amazon selling 'Free Agent' album 3 months early," tweeted Ortiz yesterday after the album was already posted on the site. "SMH... E1 strikes again. Hope yall enjoy."

The lack of communication goes even deeper than that, though. After Ortiz encouraged his fans to download and enjoy the album, the site then pulled 'Free Agent' down. This means copies have been unleashed online, yet there's no actual way to obtain the record other than piracy. Earlier this month, Ortiz confirmed that he had been granted a release from his contract with E1, yet they are still behind the release of 'Free Agent.'

Amazon last made news in the hip-hop world for prematurely shipping the Lil Wayne rock opus 'Rebirth' to many fans months before its planned release. This resulted with a scrapped album and redo from Weezy as the material subsequently leaked all over the Internet.