Joe Budden and Drake have a history that goes back to before Drake was one of the biggest rappers on the planet. Budden offered less-than-favorable commentary on Drake's VIEWS album last month--not that Budden was the only person with criticism. Numerous outlets considered Drizzy's latest a lukewarm effort, but on Drake's new "4PM In Calabasas" freestyle, Budden believes Drake "answered" his criticism. Directly.

Joe Budden broke down "4PM In Calabasas" during a recent episode of Budden's I'll Name This Podcast Later, and the Jersey rhymer revealed what lines in the song he personally believes are subliminal disses directed at him.

Specifically, Budden felt that the line, "All the sudden I got people showing how much they truly resent me / They whole demeanor just spells envy," was a shot. He also think Drake's reference to a "check picker upper," was another jab at Budden.

"...Calabasas" mostly features Drake taking not-so-subtle shots at Diddy. Both stars got into a dust-up in Miami two years ago. At the time, Drake addressed the fight via an Instagram post. “They’re either talking s— about you or stealing the s— you’re talking,” he wrote in the caption. “Either way the name been poppin.”

As for Budden, he says he's not taking the bait--unless there's some more tough talk coming via an upcoming French Montana song with Drake. French previewed a snippet last month that featured Drake's verse opening with a nod to Budden's "Pump It Up." It led to many fans assuming Drake was coming for Joe.

"My concern has always been the French record," Budden said. "In three weeks, they are putting out their record that I have personally been waiting to hear for quite some time."

And Budden issues a warning.

"You're dealing with a different level of MC. Don't play with me."