Joe Budden has had his share of hip hop beefs, but he may soon regret his most recent feud with Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man.

The back and forth began after Budden stated that he considered himself a better MC than Meth, in an interview with Vibe magazine (RIP).

Though ultimately Meth took the high road, refusing to battle the New Jersey rapper/blogger, fellow Wu member Inspectah Deck stepped in the ring (albeit late) with a song called 'House N----,' where he threatens the "blog thug," saying "They don't respect you outside Jersey!"

Budden responded to the diss, saying "I thought it was weak but I said, 'Aight I'm going to tear him up for fun.' I just wish somebody else would've responded, not him. Me and Raekwon talked it out, me and Busta Rhymes already spoke. Now here you come..."

Budden then blogged (the face of rap beef in 2009...jeez) that he's considering using the beef as publicity (of course) for his upcoming Slaughterhouse group project with Royce, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I.

"While Inspectah Deck may be considered a legend for the one great verse he had in his 30 year career, it's 2009. We'll see how it all plays out. We gotta see how it goes down when I get into the studio," Budden said. "He should be dissing RZA for not paying him."

We're not sure why it took Deck this long to jump in; either he's the last to hear Wu-news on the Rza's phone tree, or we now have an explanation as to why he takes so long to release records...either way, we hope the Rebel INS is ready, if Budden chooses to respond.

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