The simmering beef between rapper Joe Budden and the Wu-Tang Clan finally boiled over at the Los Angeles stop on the Rock the Bells tour, when a member of Raekwon's crew punched Budden in the face. Budden was streaming live from backstage at the event with Bronx rapper Mickey Factz, when Rae and several of his "goons," entered his room, confronted him, then punched Budden in the right eye.

While the video stream was disconnected just before the violence took place, one of Rae's entourage was filming for IceWaterTV, so the footage should hit the net shortly. Budden immediately vlogged about the situation, while holding a paper towel full of ice to his eye (!).

"For the people just joining me, I just wanna let everybody know that I'm alright," he said. "Raekwon didn't actually hit me. We was in the middle of talking...and them n----- just came in like Storm Troopers."

It seemed that Budden had made peace with the Wu, having apologized for making earlier comments which raised the ire of Meth, Rae and Inspectah Deck, who released a diss track attacking Budden. According to Mickey Factz, Rae approached Budden backstage because he thought there was a discrepancy between the date of Budden's apology to the Wu and an incendiary video featuring Factz, discussing the beef.

"Rae came in on some people s--- at first," Factz said in a vlog of his own (which he took down, but was recorded by a fan). "He dapped everybody...took a seat, and that's when everything just changed...Next thing you know I just heard a punch...I was like oh s---, it looks like n----- is gonna be fightin' today. I'm gonna be fightin' a n---- that I grew up listening to, that's crazy. And it wasn't Rae who did it. According to Rae, he put it on his kids...that Joe wasn't supposed to get hit."

Afterwards, Rae went onstage and performed his set like nothing had happened, while Budden addressed his fans in a vlog. "Why did you apologize? Because I was outnumbered 8 to 1. And he asked for one. So I figured it was the smart thing to do at the time." Joe explained. "You guys think this was, like, a toughguy move? Do you think this was dope? I personally don't, I think it was a f----- move, actually. And I'm gonna tell him that in two seconds. When I aint alone."

Factz also had some things to say about Rae's actions, saying "That was a bad move, you know what i mean? On some real s---, I'm not a street dude... I did think that was a sucka move."

Following Rae's performance, it was reported that Budden's Slaughterhouse group member Crooked I (who is from the Los Angeles area and is rumored to have deep ties to the Crips) and his Circle of Bosses crew went after Rae and his entourage, claiming "Ain't nobody gonna disrespect one of my dudes when we on the west coast."

There have been several reports of a brawl between Crooked and Rae's crews after the event.

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