Jim Jonsin is clearing up comments he made about rapper Charles Hamilton calling him strange, and regretting that he provided the young emcee with the beat for the track 'Gauchos.' Jonsin, known for producing songs like Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop,' and T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like,' said that his words in an interview with Vibe magazine were taken out of context and twisted to make it seem as though he had no interest in working with Hamilton.

"Let's fix that right now," Jonsin told The BoomBox about his 'Gauchos' comments. "Somebody put in that [article] that I was unhappy with him having the record and that I wished that it would've gone to somebody else. I said that I made the track originally thinking of T.I. or Jeezy."

"Also, working with Charles was a pleasure. I liked working with him," Jonsin continued. "They asked me some loaded questions -- how I felt about him as a person and I said I thought he was great. He's a great writer, he's got some good ideas. They asked me some questions about him going to [the mental institution] and if he was strange. Yeah, all of us are strange. All of us are weird in our own little corky ways in the music business. So there it is. I just didn't like that that came out. You don't twist my words like that." Jonsin recorded the song with Hamilton in Miami earlier this year, and is said to appear on a project that has yet to see the light of day.

Once hailed as one of the next big rappers in the music industry Hamilton has become more famous for his crazy antics than his work. Aside from being released from his Interscope record deal and claiming to be a member of the group Slaughterhouse, Hamilton continues a downward spiral into mental instability. Following his release from a California psychiatric hospital Hamilton was confined to a wheelchair due to back pain.