Jim JonesYou can file this one under great recent developments. Jim Jones is heading back to high school as a teacher for an eight-week run of music classes in New York City. Is he qualified to do so? Who cares! This is too good to pass up. Jones doesn't seem to have the clearest idea what the class is about, but I'm sure he can turn the official curriculum into a hustler's credo that any high school student can get down with.

"Yeah, should I make them call me Mr. Jones?" Jones asked in a recent interview. "I'll be teaching for eight weeks. I'll be teaching a real curriculum. Right now, they're actually going back and forth with the Board of Education to see what goes on and s---. I fully don't know the logisitics of everything. It's definitely going to be fun ... I'm a have to go home the weekend before and write out my lessons. This will be the funnest class you can go to and s---, but you gonna learn a lot."

Yes, they should call him Mr. Jones. The rapper went on to detail that while students didn't really dig going to school -- with all its oppressive homework -- back in his day, he knows that they were still learning from the songs they heard. He hopes to transmit some of those analytical skills with a basic overview of entrepreneurship in the music industry -- something that Jones clearly knows a lot about through his work with Dipset and role as an executive at E1 Records.

"We all went to school. N----- didn't like homework, but we knew every single song that was out word for word, ad libs, all that ... I think they'll get this common sense. Music 101 I guess [is the course title.] I've done music business since I was a teenager. I had major executive positions. I've been successful as an artist and successful as a label. We've been successful as a movement."

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