Sometimes you remember the events of the previous night out, and sometimes you don't, depending on what you got into, which is the premise for Jim Jones' new song 'Last Night,' featuring Jadakiss and Sonaro.

"Party like a rock star, can't remember where I parked last night / Know I came home with two things, and that's the only thing I remember parking last night / 4 or 5 bottles out the pocket last night / She was sipping champagne like she copped it last night / Can't even recall last night, but I know I had a ball last night," spits Sonaro over haunting productions.

Meanwhile, the Capo is rapping about the rowdiness of his Vamp crew. "Nothin’ but political / None of my n----s is hospitable / We don’t give a f--- about no ridicule / Point blank, we’ll put your a-- in critical," he raps.

The song is off Jones's new mixtape 'We Own The Night Pt. II -- Memoirs Of A Hustler,' which is slated to be released on Sept. 9. The collection features cameos from Cam'ron, Yo Gotti, K. Camp and Trey Songz.

Listen To Jim Jones' 'Last Night,' Feat. Sonaro and Jadakiss