Jill ScottR&B singer Jill Scott is being sued by her long time label, Hidden Beach Records for breaching the terms of her contract. The L.A. based company filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wed (Feb. 3) accusing Scott of skipping out halfway-way through a six-album contract that could potentially set the company back a few million dollars.

The label's founder Steve McKeever, who takes credit for kick-starting Scott's career and catapulting her to success, says the Grammy Award-winning singer attempted to abandon the company in October, with three albums still due on her contract.

"Hidden Beach is shocked by her decision, not only because Scott has apparently chosen to leave the Hidden Beach family, but also because Scott is contractually required to deliver three more albums to Hidden Beach," the paperwork read. A section of California's Label Code named the "De Havilland Law," states that artists cannot be bound by personal service contracts from more than seven years, but the law also explains that some artists may be required to reimburse their labels the amount the company would have received under the stipulations of the contract.

All business aside, the lawsuit seems to hold some extra sentiment because of label head Scott Mckeever and his close relationship with Scott. In the unusually detailed paperwork, McKeever explains that Scott was paid million-dollar advances, lavished with gifts and even allowed time off to pursue her acting career which includes appearances in Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married?' and HBO'S 'No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.'

The label's lawyer Lawrence Hinkle issued a statement explaining that the company regrets having to take such extreme measures in the situation. "Hidden Beach feels that Jill Scott is an incredibly talented artist," Hinkle, said. "No one regrets that this lawsuit had to be filed more than Hidden Beach, but its hands were tied and it had no other option."

Jill Scott's 2000 debut album 'Who Is Jill Scott,' was a double-platinum seller. The R&B singer went on the generate millions more with her successive albums.