Uber-producer Jermaine Dupri is speaking out against claims that he owes Uncle Sam $3.2 million in back taxes stating that the bill has been paid. According to reports the IRS filed a $3,095,004 lien against Dupri in September of 2008, while the state of Georgia filed a $135,749 lien against him in November of the same year. However Dupri's lawyer, James Kane, insists that his client has in fact cleared up his tax problems.

"I can assist you in telling you that all of the taxes have been paid and my law firm has been, and is, in the process of getting the liens removed in normal course," Kane said. "As to any other information, you can certainly understand under the attorney-client privilege that I am not able make any further comment."

This isn't the first time Dupri has gotten into tax trouble. In 2002 the Atlanta native was raided by federal agents who confiscated furniture, computers, and cars to help pay his over $2.5 million debt. As a staple in the music industry for several years, it's safe to say that Dupri has more than enough funds to pay his bills on time. He is the man behind hits for Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Usher. He founded his own record label So So Def in 1993 and even served as the president of Island records for a short period.

The 'Money Ain't a Thing' rapper was ranked at No. 13 on Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings list in 2008, pulling in a reported $11 million.