Jermaine Dupri has teamed up with Da Brat again for a new single, "F U Pay Me." The smooth track features The-Dream crooning "F U, pay me" on the hook.

JD dropped the laid-off single off at Power 106 studios in L.A. yesterday (July 20). In addition to leaving the new single for listeners, he also conducted a brief interview where he weighed in on the "Famous" Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud.

Da Brat tag-teams with JD on the first verse, resurrecting her signature spit-fire style. It's like 1994 all over again. Brat, who is coming off of an appearance at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors where she honored Queen Latifah, adequately shows that she still has bars that resonate.

Brat and JD go back-and-forth on the track talking about how they're over any relationship drama:

"Told you my niggas will be home soon/And I’m keepin’ her close by, yes, we be the most fly/Til you ever seen me, smoother than the ghost ride/Only fear the most high, fuck your blog post/I got my middle finger up I'm high and Im like boy bye."

The songs is cool throwback to the 90s era when the Atlanta-based So So Def label reigned supreme, and offers a cool summertime vibe. This is the first single JD has released since 2011's "Boomerang."

Take a listen to "F U Pay Me" below.



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