New York Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin needs no introduction if you've been on the internet, watched television or had a conversation lately.

The undrafted couch-surfing Taiwanese-American Harvard grad, who has single-handedly resurrected the strike-laden NBA, has been a relative unknown -- despite being California's high school player of the year in 2005-06, but we digress -- up until the past two weeks, but as the Linvasion continues, the rookie star took a moment to discuss his typically unexpected music favorites.

"An artist you gotta check out is Lecrae, he's a Christian rapper, just raps a lot about the Gospel, and about Christian music," Lin told Fuse. "I really enjoy his lyrics as well, so if you're a big lyrics guy, I think that'd be a good fit for you."

Lin admitted that he doesn't like to get "too hyped up" before a game, adding that he "mellows out" to Christian band Hillsong, as well.

"I listen to something that mellows me out. Hillsong is a Christian band, and they play a lotta contemporary Christian music," Lin continued. "I listen to them to remind myself why I'm playing the game, and remind myself I'm playing to glorify God. I don't try to get too hyped up, otherwise I find myself kinda burned out before the game."

An NBA star with a major in economics and a proclivity for Gospel rap. The Linsanity continues.

Watch Jeremy Lin Speak About His Favorite Artists

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