Jeezy's new album, Pressure, drops tomorrow, and ahead of the release, he's just shared one of the most anticipated tracks from the project, "American Dream," featuring J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

"Like running the late 90s, my n----s is juggling weight/Running from state to state, gunning up ways to safety/I'm on a paper chase, whatever it takes to make me/A millionaire, silly cause I'm gonna really get there?/I mean, how many n----s is Jeezy?" Cole raps on the song.

"N----s is there on the screen/Cause that's the American Dream/Now here go the thing, listen/Hysterical screams, coming from mothers that buried their kings/Or the unbearable pain of watching them walk out with the sheriff in chains/Becoming a number, they no longer care bout the name," he spits later on the verse.

Kendrick shows up for a short bridge with, "I gotta eat, I gotta, make money with
I gotta feast, I gotta re-ly on what is known to the traveling man."

You can take a listen to the song via Spotify below. Jeezy's Pressure drops on December 15.

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