Last night (Sept. 8), Jeezy released a teaser announcing the upcoming arrival of his new album, Trap or Die 3. 

Jeezy is revisiting his heralded Trap or Die series with this third installment, after releasing his last socio-politically charged album, Church in These Streets, back in November 2015. Jeezy's latest release, "Magic City Mondays" featuring 2 Chainz precedes his announcement for a new album, which he maintains will indeed be an album, though the first two releases in the Trap or Die series were mixtapes. Trap or Die was released in 2005 while its follow up, Trap or Die 2, was released five years later in 2010, so Jeezy is almost right on time with his third offering.

There's no official release date for the project yet, but Jeezy seems to be living the life in the trailer, which finds him rolling through Miami with the homies. He's also announced new merchandise that brings back his infamous Snowman logo.

"You already know how I came in this game, hard as a motherf-----," Jeezy tells the camera in the clip. "And that's how I'm goin' out, n----. Trap or Die 3 n----. Trust me."

Check out the trailer above.


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