After a three-and-a-half year hiatus, Jazmine Sullivan returns to the R&B game with her new single, 'Dumb' featuring Meek Mill. The emotional track will appear on her upcoming third album, 'Reality Show.'

Over a chaotic beat and haunting vocals, the 27-year-old songbird sings about a conniving beau who doesn’t respect her love and devotion to him.

"Don’t I deserve it all / You know I take care of you / Whatever you need, I do," she sings. "Ungrateful, look how you repay me / Unfaithful, look how you play me with my heart."

Meek Mill plays the mischievous boyfriend who spits a mea culpa about his unforgiving ways.

"Love hurts and I feel your pain / Through all the fame I still remain / The same n---- I've been / Yeah, I came home and still explained / All the s--- you heard about you gonna let the source come steal your lane," he raps.

'Dumb' is a triumphant single that should thrust Sullivan back into the music spotlight. Her voice is stronger than ever on the song, which will remind listeners of her previous emotionally-driven tunes like 'Lions, Tigers & Bears' and 'Holding You Down.'

Welcome back, Jazmine Sullivan!

Listen to Jazmine Sullivan's 'Dumb' Feat. Meek Mill