Jay-Z is no stranger to sitting high on the charts when it comes to his music career, which makes the Brooklyn rapper's No. 3 debut on 'The New York Times' Best Sellers list an expected achievement.

The Roc Nation head honcho's memoir 'Decoded' landed on the Hardcover Nonfiction edition of the newspaper's Best Sellers list for the week of December 5. Coming in at the top of the list are George W. Bush's 'Decision Points' and Lauren Hillenbrand's 'Unbroken.'

Hov's book has been received warmly by fans and critics alike. Perhaps 'Decoded's success has much to do with 'The Blueprint 3' creator's partnership with Microsoft search engine Bing before the book's release. Together, Bing and the rapper previewed excerpts from the memoir through a viral marketing campaign with clues that pointed Jay-Z fans toward unique locations – from Brooklyn to London – where select pages from the book could be found.

'Decoded,' which highlights the stories behind Jay-Z's songs, including 'Blue Magic,' even scored a spot on Oprah's highly anticipated "Favorite Things" show and is currently in the top 10 sellers on Amazon.com.

Listen to 'Blue Magic'

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